Witch Hunter Wayland

For this project, I was tasked with creating a cartoony character based on a single adjective. The three words included were gray, calculating, and flippant. Ultimately I went with calculating for its greater potential, and the three concept works I created included a hitman, a tyrant, and finally a witch hunter. Designing the character model I took inspiration from Spanish and English Quaker colonist styles of the 1600s, which can be seen in the clothing, like the neck frill, and the hat. As for making certain features exaggerated for a cartoonish aesthetic, I decided to focus on the eyes, the moustache, the elongated chin, and of course the cheekbones.

When it came to actually modeling and surfacing the character, I would say the trickiest part was getting the amount of vertices of the head/neck to match up with the rest of the body, while also maintaining a decent edge flow. Also trying to model the cheekbones to work well with the model's topology and later surface textures, did prove a bit difficult now and again, as the shape may have been a bit too exaggerated, but either way still offered an interesting challenge overall.

From top to bottom:

Elton is a criminal mastermind that specializes in creating complex plans and pulling off elaborate heists. He is currently wanted for armed robbery, kidnapping, murder, identity theft, and destruction of property. He tends to wear disposable gloves as part of his "routine" to ensure he can continue his career. When designing Elton, my main goal was to create character with class and sophistication, yet also compounded by a sense of intelligence and OCD. This is reflected in his tidy vest and tie, along with his gloves and watch to sell that personality to the audience.

Empress Leora is the head of the Elven Empire and is well respected and beloved by her people, despite ruling the lesser species with an iron fist. While the rest of the Empire prides itself on its warrior-like culture, Leora has set herself apart for being able to utilize her wisdom alongside her usage of force. Leora's design was based on characters that draw on themes of royalty, supremacy, and authority, while also showing off the militaristic influence of her culture. The armor she sports, along with the civic crown she wears in a sense emulates Julius Caesar as both a military and political personality.

Wayland is one of the best witch hunters across Europe. Despite his old age, Wayland has an arsenal of alchemical and psychological manipulation that has been cultivated through years of practice and experience. Wayland has been known as a fearsome presence, that even some of his superiors are frightened of him, possibly from his waning mental faculties and his ruthless personality. Wayland's design is mainly inspired by the infamous witch hunter Matthew Hopkins, with a few bits of Don Quixote in his facial design. The hat and stick are meant to reference the former, and the facial hair, neck ruffle, and crazed look in his eyes are a nod to the latter.