Robot Model: Valkyr

Valkyr-Droid, a small medical droid intended to keep updated medical diagnostics on its user at regular intervals. The main inspiration for this droid’s design is based on the Valkyrie myth, where they carry the souls of the dead to the afterlife. While they don’t have the capabilities of a Pyschopomp, the goal is more aligned to keep the user alive and well, so a more realistic goal in a sense. The design itself is a cross between a nurse and a fairy/Tinkerbell to put the patient at ease when it checks their medical status. The patients being either elderly or at-risk patients that are need of constant or urgent care due to serious illness or injury. The Valkyr’s main feature, along with its bulbous optical, is the fact it can fly with its twin rotors.

Speaking of its rotors, the Valkyr can maneuver around the user like a mini drone having omni-directional control, the rotors draw power from the primary battery located on its back. The main body is housed in a shell that protects the skeleton from any external force/element. The leg joints are more reinforced to handle the extra weight of the rotors and battery, and pivot on multiple cylindrical hinges. The right arm contains a mini needle to collect blood samples for testing (perhaps for diabetes, etc.), while the right has a little clamp for grabbing, overall, both sides have less shielding than the legs, as they need to have free movement. The final feature to go over is the large optical lens on the Valkyr-Droid’s face, as this is where it has a dedicated bio scanner to collect on site diagnostics of its patients.

The thought process was to create an iconic silhouette design of a robot that specializes in medical analysis. To me, giving it the capability of flight was the primary goal, and working in the roles and inspirations came second. The function of the droid should always come first, in order to ensure the success-rate of their daily duties, and given the inclination of their job, I wanted to create something as least intrusive as possible. The color was chosen based on the classical medical vibes that go with them, such as nurses, while also having some added color to set them apart. Being the main optic of the Valkyr-Droid, it needed to stand out both in color and exaggeration.

Preliminary Design 1

Preliminary Design 2

Preliminary Design 3

Revised Design

Front Model Sheet

Side Model Sheet

Top Model Sheet

Back Model Sheet Final Design