Butterfly Render

For this project, I was tasked with creating a 3D modeled composition using HDRI maps for the background and props. When working on the setups, I started off with three different settings; an overcast forest, a hot island cliffside, and a cool starry night mountain.

The next step was to add in an animated butterfly to help emphasize the 3D space they were occupying, so for me I decided to add three of them in the foreground, the middle-ground, and the background, with varying colored wings to stand out from the environment.

Once I was satisfied with the overall composition, I then brought the renders into After Effects and began tweaking the lighting, hue, and saturation, until it the tone and atmosphere that I had intended for was finally realized.

AE Render 03

AE Render 02

AE Render 01

AE Render 00

Beauty Render

Seaside Render

Forest Render